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Mobile Printing

With the File Processor it is easy to setup your own private mobile printing hotspot. Your customers or employees don't need a specific operating system, the File Processor makes mobile printing cross-platform. You only need a device with email capabilities, something most smartphone devices and tables already have!

Keep reading if you also want to:

  • let your employees print an attachment by sending a simple email?
  • print files from any mobile device?
  • print files from any location?
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What is Mobile Printing?

Nowadays, most users have mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets, laptops. Devices that you always take with you, from one meeting room to another, from one desk to another…. This is the mobile part of mobile printing.

Because we are mobile, we still have the need to print documents from these mobile devices. Hence the name mobile printing. Nothing complicated.

The problem with Mobile Printing

There are many mobile devices and operating systems on the market. Just to name a few: Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, iPad, Microsoft Surface,…

Because this diversity in devices and operating systems, there are lots of problems:

  • Different printing app per operating system
  • No printing app available
  • No printing capabilities on the mobile device
  • No drivers for the printer on the smartphone or mobile operating system
  • Hard to maintain as IT administrator

Our solution: File Processor

With the File Processor you only need mobile devices with email capabilities, which almost every device has. No need to install additional apps or printer drivers. Only on Windows Server or PC is required to run the File Processor solution.

Mobile printing with the File Processor


  • One application to maintain
  • Email to print
  • Works with any email enabled device
  • No need to install additional mobile apps
  • No need to install specific printer drivers
  • You can even print to a local printer

How does it work

Basic mobile printing

Overview of basic mobile printing with File Processor:

  1. File (e.g. PDF) on smartphone or mobile device
  2. Email the file as attachment to an account
  3. File Processor picks up the email and prints the attachment
Mobile printing overview

Secure mobile printing

Overview of secure mobile printing with File Processor:

  1. File (e.g. PDF) on smartphone or mobile device
  2. Email the file as attachment to an account
    1. File Processor generates and emails a print ticket
    2. Reply on the email to release the print job
  3. File Processor scans the print ticket in the reply, finds the email, prints the attachment
Secure Mobile printing overview

Try it yourself

Go to downloads and download the File Processor.

Visit our support section and learn step-by-step how to configure your own mobile printing hotspot.

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