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Automate your business, process your files with ease.

Monitor multiple inputs

Never miss a file anymore, monitor multiple inputs.

File Processor

Support Different Outputs

Easily configure automatic printing or email replies.

Continuous Reporting

Detailed logging messages for each channel to quickly spot problems.

File Processor

Easy Configurable

Each file processor can easily be configured, even with complex filter rules.

Data Filtering

Filter the incoming data to only process the files that you need.

File Processor

Dynamic Filter Properties

Based on the selected input your filter will provide the matching properties to filter on.

Intuitive Design

An intuitive design that feels familiar to known office applications. All options and actions are well-organized and clearly displayed.

File Processor

Centralized Options

The most common options can be configured and accessed at one location.

Download File Processor

File Processor is available for Windows only. Download now to install the application!

Not sure which one? Download the 64-bit (x64) (.exe) version.

File Processor in action

Why File Processor?

File Processor is a monitoring and processing service for Windows. It does not just monitor folders - it helps you streamline your business and workflows.

Other folder watcher only give you the option to monitor folders. File Processor has multiple input and output connectors to let you decide what to monitor.

File Processor allows you to monitor network folders, FTP-servers, email accounts or add mobile archiving, scan to cloud and mobile printing from any device. File Processor covers it all.

File Processor

File Processor

Advanced Filtering

Often you only need to process certain files. File Processor comes with a dynamic filter per input to select the files you need. Combine, invert and group multiple filters in an easy to configure user interface.

Complex filtering rules can be added by using regular expressions.

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Centralized management

Tired of switching remote desktop connections and logging on to different servers?

Don't worry about it, we have you covered. The File Processor comes with a single viewer which allows you to connect to different services and servers. All controls at your fingertips without leaving the viewer.

Multiple users can also remotely connect to the same File Processor service on a server.

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Connections in the options of the File Processor


Clarity at a glance

You love to see everything at once, don't you?

The File Processor comes with an interactive overview to see everything at a glance on one screen. Quickly access configuration settings from your the main screen without having to struggle and searching secret hidden dialogs.

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Usage Reports

Built-in reports easily provide answers to questions like:

  • Which printer is used the most?
  • When do we print the most?
  • How many color printouts were made?

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Print summary report in File Processor

File Processor

Seamless Integration

The File Processor seamlessly integrates in your existing environment. No need to modify your other software, just install File Processor on your servers and you are ready to go.

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Thank you IT admins!

Many IT administrators love this easy to use software. This is why we made additional powerful options available based on your feedback to convert files and execute post-actions. Hope you enjoy it even more!

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Opted for File Processor

and many more...


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Do you also want to integrate the File Processor with your existing Print&Share workflow? Don't worry, we know both products in detail to optimize your document workflows.

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Support and Installation

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